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Artist Biography

Artist Name:
Jack Cudworth
Birth Year:
Jack Cudworth was born on St Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1930 in Leeds. He studied at Leeds College of Art and gained his diploma in painting in 1953. On leaving college in that year he got married and went to Dublin for a short holiday. He was so taken with the place that he decided to stay and establish his career in art there. The Irish way of life and the beauty of the countryside so suited his personality that he stayed in Dublin for the next 21 years, working from his studio in Sydenham Road, Dundrum. During that time he worked during the day in commercial art for several Dublin advertising agencies as Designer/Illustrator. He also developed his skill as a musician, a parallel interest with his painting activities, and was co-leader, on clarinet, of a prominent jazz group in the sixties and seventies called the Butler Fox Jazz Band, giving concerts at the Belfast Festival and on Radio Telefis Eireann. His first one man shows at the Brown Thomas Gallery, and Davis Gallery and the Barrenhill Gallery were very eclectic in style and displayed many very different influences from early Dutch art to the Pre-Raphaelites to abstract art.