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Artist Biography

Artist Name:
Noel Sheridan
Birth Year:
Noel Sheridan began his practice as an artist in Dublin in the late 1950s when he was invited by Leo Smith to present a solo show of paintings for the Dawson Gallery. During this time he was invited to represent Ireland at the Paris Biennale and he recieved the Macauley Fellowship in 1961. He lived in New York from '63 to '71. He received a Bevroot/Eckmeyer scholarship to attend Columbia University in '67.

He was in Australia from '71 to '80 where he directed The Experimental Art foundation in Adelaide. From 1980 he directed the National College of Art of and Design (NCAD), except for the years '89 to '94; during this period he set up and directed the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in Western Australia.

"Noel Sheridan has consistently produced a kind of 'inside-out', landscaped void, a space which seems about to implode."
Dr Sue McNabe